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ASMR Consulting FAQs

Over the years ASMR Consulting has complied the following list of frequently asked questions to further assist our clients in chosing the best Analysts for your property tax needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of property are taxed in Arizona?

Generally, the following types of property are taxed:

  • Commercial land and buildings
  • Raw land
  • Mobile homes
  • Business equipment which is called "personal property"
  • Rental and owner-occupied residential housing
  • Motor vehicles, but this tax is paid with the vehicle's license tax
  • See the Arizona Revised Statutes 42-12001 through 42-12010

What kind of property is not taxed in Arizona?

Mainly household goods and personal effects, business inventories and most types of intangible assets such as cash, stocks & bonds, etc.

If I think my taxes are too high, how can I get them lowered?

For the current tax year, you may file a Petition for Review of Valuation. For real estate, the Petition must be filed within 60 days of the mailing date of the valuation notice which usually comes out in February of the year before the year the taxes are due. (The 2010 valuations were mailed in February, 2009.) For business personal property (equipment), the Petition must be filed within 20 days of the mailing date of the Notice of Value which comes out in the summer of the same year the taxes are due. The Petition forms and instructions may be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue website.

If I miss the appeal deadline is there any other remedy for me?

Yes. A taxpayer may pursue an appeal via the legal system using a qualified attorney, but even this process has deadlines.

Can I go back and get a refund of taxes already paid?

Yes. Taxpayers can go back up to three years using a form called a Notice of Claim (NOC). The tax payments have to be current and an NOC can only be filed by the owner of the property for errors made in the assessment or collection of the tax. Generally, valuation issues are not considered errors.

Who is liable for the payment of the property tax and when is the liability determined?

Generally, the legal owner of the property as of January 1 must pay the tax except in certain leases where the lease agreement specifically states otherwise.

How can ASMR Consulting help me get my taxes lowered?

With over 13 years experience of doing almost exclusively Arizona property tax appeals, ASMR knows what works and what doesn't. We cooperate with the County Appraisers to achieve the lowest value available and with the minimum time invested by our clients as possible.

How do I pay you for your services?

We work on a contingent fee based on the tax savings/refund we produce for you. If we don't save you any money you don't owe us anything, but either way we will tell you if you have any property tax exposure (free of charge).

This sounds like a win/win situation for me. What's the catch?

You tell us. We'll send you our one page agency agreement and you'll see there are no hidden fees or penalties. All we ask from you right away is your cooperation. Some of these appeal deadlines are tight and information requested from you is usually needed fairly soon.

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