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ASMR Consulting Success Stories

ASMR Consulting's Senior Analyst has exceeded the tax saving/refund goals of many business clients for more than 13 years. This expertise has yielded more than 10 million dollars in refunds to date.

Our Accomplishments

  • For a large financial services company, ASMR Consulting obtained a refund of two prior years where the amount refunded was more than the client originally paid.

  • ASMR Consulting submitted many appeals where the refund was more than 50%, so when the client went to pay the second half tax payment there was nothing due.

  • ASMR's Senior Analyst filed appeals for a large manufacturing company from 1998 through 2001 which produced total property tax savings/refunds exceeding $250,000.

  • While working as an internal Tax Manager in 1994, our Analysts filed sales tax refund claims requesting a total refund of $1.4 million. By the time the state paid the refund claims eight years later, our analyst collected $2.7 million for that company, which included $1.3 million in interest. The use tax refund was another $500K.

  • ASMR Consulting obtained a $455,000 refund for an equipment financing company in Scottsdale.

  • Our Analysts have generated refunds for a semiconductor manufacturing company in Tempe for eight consective years from 1995 through 2002.

  • In December, 2009 ASMR Consulting produced refunds covering four years for a local television studio that exceeded $180,000.

  • In December, 2010 ASMR's Senior Analyst produced refunds covering 3 years of over $158,000. Two months earlier the current year appeal produced a tax savings of over $40,000.

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